Thursday, July 8, 2010

till death do us part

Today on APW, Meg is discussing the implications of till death do us part. I also believe in the importance and meaning behind the words "till death do us part". My boyfriend has had a very difficult year. His mother passed away suddenly and too young. Work has been difficult to come by. Financially we've struggled, and we've been dealing with immigration. I have had the opportunity to stand by him through all this and know there is nothing that I wouldn't do for him. These experiences have brought us closer. I have seen his faith in our relationship solidify.

I haven't had many opportunities to experience his unwavering support and love through difficult times. I have had a wonderful year and sometimes feel like i am leading a charmed life. But when I do struggle, he never fails to support me with the full strength of his being. Most recently I felt his unfaltering support while throwing a fit of rage after discovering that due to very poor, careless advice from my program advisor for my masters program, i had missed an important deadline to apply for desperately needed and significant funding from the school. After cursing, crying and throwing a sheaf of paper on the ground, he came to me, kneeled by my side and said "you're better than this" in the least judgemental way. Although at the time i continued to rage, I was touched by his acceptance of my faults and his gentle prodding to act like the better person he sees me to be. I know we will go through more difficult times, and they won't be pleasant, but i am happy to know that at least i can look forward to feeling his unwavering support for me when i truly need it.

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