Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A voice from over yonder

Have you discovered pinterest yet? I have and i love it. I'm going to make these for the wedding.
We also bought a bunch of lights to hang at the wedding. Except instead of expensive garden lights, we got regular white Christmas lights. I think they look just as good. Plus, half as expensive.
Wedding planning is good. We've booked our venue/accomodations (2 in 1 yipee!) and our caterer. We booked a wonderful photographer who is early in her illustrious career and fits nicely into our budget. And, I bought my dress. I'm picking it up this weekend.
I found it a couple weeks ago. I went down to Seattle with my mom to go to Davids Bridal and JCrew. Davids Bridal had some nice dresses that didn't quite fit the bill. It also had a bridal consultant from another decade who told me that my father would lift the veil from my face like a most precious gift. .... I can't even tell you how many things are wrong with that sentence for me. I'm all kinds of horrified just thinking about it. It's also seriously funny, because who says that? Thank goodness my actual consultant was very good.

Then we went to JCrew where my consultant was fantastic. She had a good head on her shoulders and emphasized the importance of how the dress made you feel without going over the top. I had gone to JCrew to see a few in particular and I tried on a bunch. When I tried on the dress though, i totally had the moment. I didn't think i would but I just felt different in my dress. As soon as I put it on, I felt happy and excited and feminine and delicate. It was hard to explain but I just felt like a bride. I tried on a bunch more afterwards that I also liked and spent time trying to narrow down those options before I tried the dress on again. As soon as I tried it on again though, I just knew it was the one. It was how it made me feel. And yes, I teared up a bit. My consultant said when she was choosing her dress she imagined herself in the dress walking towards her groom and that was how she knew if the dress felt right. Well let me tell you, imagining that in the wedding dress that is right for you is guaranteed to make you emotional. It was kind of a wonderful moment. Actually, I'm really looking forward to trying the dress on again this weekend, although I don't know how I'm going to stop myself from trying it on again and again once it's hanging in my closet. Hmmmm.

This happened months ago

Well well well. I was reading a baby blog ( and thought wow it's so cool that they're documenting all this. Then I remembered that's what I intended to do over here. So now i am back, for a little while.

There have been some changes. I finished school for the summer and today i landed a job (that is fantastic & wonderful). I start in 2 weeks.

We have also agonized over the concept of the wedding. It took us a full 4 months to figure out what kind of wedding felt right for us. We decided that we wanted an intimate wedding.We wanted our guests to be people who knew us well and loved us both. We were hoping to avoid guests who would wonder what was for dinner during the ceremony so we could spend more time with people who are a big part of our lives all year round. We wanted to celebrate just like it was any other day and skip the whole big to-do part of weddings. We wanted the people there And it was fantastic to both come to this agreement and feel right about it.

Then we told my parents. And they were cool with it. And then we told them again to double check. And again. And they were cool with it. And then when we had gotten used to the idea they decided that they weren't cool with it. I guess the whole wedding concept finally sunk in and it turns out they did have some feelings about not inviting all the extended family. Which is fair enough.

So I cried. Quite a bit. One thing I know about myself is that once I'm attached to something, whether it's a person, thing or idea, it takes me some time to let go of it. So I cried and we talked about it. My parents each called me every day for several days after they told us how they felt and I put off their calls. I wasn't ready to talk about it. I didn't want to explain myself or make them feel like they needed to explain themselves. We both had legitimate concerns. Sometimes that's how it is.

Then one day, we decided to just explore our different options and open our minds to a few new ideas for the wedding. We decided to figure out how to incorporate a larger guestlist into the wedding we wanted. I discovered that I was more attached to a laidback and intimate feeling for the wedding day rather than a small guestlist.

*edit: This post has languished unfinished for months now. Since I'm trying to document this whole wedding planning process, I've decided to publish it as is. To make a long story short... We're having a small island wedding. The end.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun picnic wedding

I haven't posted one of these in a while, but here's a wedding I'd like to remember. They have more money than you can shake a stick at (why is that an expression?) But their wedding is fun and awesome. I kinda seriously want a picnic wedding, but haven't been able to strike the balance between intimate and everybody yet so I'm not too sure how it'd work. Anywho, check this lovely wedding out. You haven't seen much like it before.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey there. What? No, I'm not dead. Yes, I'm still engaged. I guess I just haven't had too much to say to the internets lately. And I've been insanely busy with school and my business.

Wedding planning was immensely exciting for a while. Then I hit a road block and it was immensely depressing. All the options just felt so.... wedding. Go figure. But I digress. Because today, today! Today, we decided something for good. We are having a small ceremony and then a large reception. It's what I wanted from the beginning, but when you get planning things start to seem less possible somehow and all forces funnel you into a cookie cutter wedding because it's what's easy in your price range, it's what's been done before, and it's what people expect. But today we are throwing off these wedding shackles and doing it our way. We're having a small, teeny tiny ceremony somewhere in the wilderness. I might make people hike. I might make them picnic. But that's not important because our teeny tiny ceremony is going to be ours, just as we want it, and it's going to be awesome.

That is all.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The S word

Wedding spreadsheets.

I think every bride has one. It looks scary, it sounds scary and it is scary. I have reached a plateau with mine. I have been looking for outdoor venues in and around Vancouver. A place where you have to drive through the beautiful scenery of this province to get to, that feels sacred in a natural, awe-inspiring kind of way, that has some shelter (because let's face it, June has rain), and that is not four walls and some windows. Oh, and it has to be reasonably priced.

Doesn't exist. As organized as my spreadsheet may be, it can't invent something that doesn't exist. So I have hit a wall. The more information I get about my potential venues, the more I cross off the list. I'm afraid there will be nothing left. If anyone knows some cool untapped venues in BC, let me know!

I'm sure it gets easier after this part right?

* On a happier note, my mom has finally realized that maybe planning a wedding could be fun. Her mom planned her wedding so she's never had the experience before. I think she associates wedding with rec centres and chair covers. We've got some work to do there... pretty pictures to the rescue!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I don't think so

Wedding crazy of the week:

"Keep things very minimal and just add small, luxurious details that your guest will interact with on a more personal and intimate level like these personalized napkins."

By which they mean, napkins that you HAND-STITCHED with each guests name. .... WTF! I don't have an emoticon that could even begin to show you the look on my face right now.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

God + war

I have mixed feelings about religion. I myself don't partake in any religion and neither does the fiancee (although coming from a Mexican Catholic family his ideas about not participating in religion are likely different than mine). My only experiences with religion came from 1) going to a Christian summer camp (is there any other kind?) and 2) attending youth group with Christian friends in high school. After seriously considering the idea for years, I swung in the other direction and came very close to saying without guilt or fear that god did not exist. In recent years I have expanded my definition of what God might be, and have come up with a concept that is more palatable to me than anything presented to me in my dabbles with Christianity. I'm still not sure where i stand on the whole issue though. The fiancee however is quite clear, God exists, He is important, though religion is not so great.

Previously we had discussed getting married outside and not in a church. This seemed to be okay. Today though, we were talking about the wedding and I discovered some interesting things. 1) He feels that some people, although not him, will feel that a wedding anywhere other than a church is not a real wedding and 2) If the situation was different and we were in Mexico, or all of his family was going to be here, he might want to be married in a church.

I'm not too sure what to do with that information. Our wedding won't be a real wedding? It might be more meaningful for him in a Mexican church? Does that mean it won't be as meaningful to you here? I'm still processing that.

We then discussed our vows. He would like God to be included in them. I had pretty much counted on them being secular. I'm not too sure what's it's going to feel like standing up there and hearing someone talk about God to me before I make deeply important commitment. I don't want any part of those vows or my statement of commitment to the fiancee to feel inauthentic to me. Nor do I want to deny the importance of acknowledging our union in front of God to the fiancee.

I think it's going to take me a while to come to terms with this. And it's also going to be a very delicate process piecing our vows together. Any advice?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

it's so fluffy i'm gonna die!

So adorable.

Lex & Loren - Engagement/Save the date! from Loren Brinton Films on Vimeo.

How hard could it be to make one on your own I wonder?

haha. what a dumb question.