Thursday, February 24, 2011

The S word

Wedding spreadsheets.

I think every bride has one. It looks scary, it sounds scary and it is scary. I have reached a plateau with mine. I have been looking for outdoor venues in and around Vancouver. A place where you have to drive through the beautiful scenery of this province to get to, that feels sacred in a natural, awe-inspiring kind of way, that has some shelter (because let's face it, June has rain), and that is not four walls and some windows. Oh, and it has to be reasonably priced.

Doesn't exist. As organized as my spreadsheet may be, it can't invent something that doesn't exist. So I have hit a wall. The more information I get about my potential venues, the more I cross off the list. I'm afraid there will be nothing left. If anyone knows some cool untapped venues in BC, let me know!

I'm sure it gets easier after this part right?

* On a happier note, my mom has finally realized that maybe planning a wedding could be fun. Her mom planned her wedding so she's never had the experience before. I think she associates wedding with rec centres and chair covers. We've got some work to do there... pretty pictures to the rescue!

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