Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This happened months ago

Well well well. I was reading a baby blog ( Hankandlucy.blogspot.com) and thought wow it's so cool that they're documenting all this. Then I remembered that's what I intended to do over here. So now i am back, for a little while.

There have been some changes. I finished school for the summer and today i landed a job (that is fantastic & wonderful). I start in 2 weeks.

We have also agonized over the concept of the wedding. It took us a full 4 months to figure out what kind of wedding felt right for us. We decided that we wanted an intimate wedding.We wanted our guests to be people who knew us well and loved us both. We were hoping to avoid guests who would wonder what was for dinner during the ceremony so we could spend more time with people who are a big part of our lives all year round. We wanted to celebrate just like it was any other day and skip the whole big to-do part of weddings. We wanted the people there And it was fantastic to both come to this agreement and feel right about it.

Then we told my parents. And they were cool with it. And then we told them again to double check. And again. And they were cool with it. And then when we had gotten used to the idea they decided that they weren't cool with it. I guess the whole wedding concept finally sunk in and it turns out they did have some feelings about not inviting all the extended family. Which is fair enough.

So I cried. Quite a bit. One thing I know about myself is that once I'm attached to something, whether it's a person, thing or idea, it takes me some time to let go of it. So I cried and we talked about it. My parents each called me every day for several days after they told us how they felt and I put off their calls. I wasn't ready to talk about it. I didn't want to explain myself or make them feel like they needed to explain themselves. We both had legitimate concerns. Sometimes that's how it is.

Then one day, we decided to just explore our different options and open our minds to a few new ideas for the wedding. We decided to figure out how to incorporate a larger guestlist into the wedding we wanted. I discovered that I was more attached to a laidback and intimate feeling for the wedding day rather than a small guestlist.

*edit: This post has languished unfinished for months now. Since I'm trying to document this whole wedding planning process, I've decided to publish it as is. To make a long story short... We're having a small island wedding. The end.

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