Saturday, July 10, 2010

so there

The other day i was browsing the free section on craigslist and i came across a listing for a free type writer. I really want to have a typewriter at the wedding for guests to type messages with but it's probably not something we'll ever use again so it's not something i'm willing to spend money on. But free? okay! So i emailed the person and they emailed back with info on where to pick it up. I was so excited, first because they replied at all, and second because i was on my way to pick up a typewriter. I envisioned something like this....

or this....

But when i got there, i saw it sitting on the stairs just after i greeted the woman giving it away and thought "oh crap". It was an electric typewriter! the kind that looks like a computer keyboard and plugs into the wall and it was really ugly. I didn't have the heart to say i didn't want it. She had listed the specifications and i hadn't looked up the correct photo so it was my own fault. So i lugged the ugly thing to my car and brought it home. I put it right back up on craigslist and feared it would sit in my apartment gathering dust. Pretty soon though i had a reply and a girl who wanted to pick it up that night. When she buzzed at the door I grabbed the typewriter and practically shoved it into her arms, afraid she'd have the same reaction as me and not want to take it after all. But she and her boyfriend seemed pretty happy to have it and grinned and thanked me and i felt pretty good about the whole typewriter debacle after all. I think i even earned some good Craigslist karma. So there.

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  1. You're no worse off than you were before!