Friday, July 2, 2010

one step

the boyfriend and i talked yesterday about our wedding budget. I figured out how much i think we'll want to spend.... $9000 including the honeymoon. (too much? too little?... i still don't know yet but that's what we're working with). and we backwards planned how much money we'll need to save every month to pay for it. It feels really do-able this way, even though i'm about to go to school for two years so my income will be really reduced. I do love having a plan.


  1. how many people are you planning on having?

  2. Well, i think we'll definitely end up under 100, maybe we can even work with 80-90. I don't really know if our budget will work out but to be honest, i'd rather skip dinner and opt for a cocktail and dessert reception than overspend or cut out people that we love.