Thursday, September 16, 2010

a shift

 I wrote this post in July and thought i'd come back and edit it, but it turns out that i don't edit, i just post stuff. so i forgot about this one. I don't want to forget about it though because this sentiment was part of a shift in our relationship, part of extending our roots into the ground together. So here it is.

The boyfriend and I live together. July 1st marked our one year anniversary living together. (Also, it was Canada day. Happy Birthday Canada). Over this year our relationship has shifted. We moved in together pretty quickly, so the beginning was a mad rush of going out for dinner, or to the park, or to watch the sunset, go dancing, shopping, meeting friends etc, etc, etc. As we've grown into our lives together, and added some new financial goals, we've started doing those date- like things less and less. Our relationship has become a bit more about errands and reading books and watching tv. I don't wait in bed until he wakes up all the time anymore, although i still do like watching him sleep if i wake up first. I don't always ask what he wants to do. I spend more time doing my own things in the house. and that's great. this weekend we were struggling for ideas about what to do. we'd gone out for dinner, it was saturday night and we didn't know what to do next. I was struggling to come up with an idea, any idea, that might be entertaining. Eventually, he said he was okay if we just went home. We rented a movie. he fell asleep halfway through. it was our saturday night. I worried that maybe he felt like our relationship was boring, maybe he missed doing all the things we used to. shouldn't our saturday nights be more exciting?

but when i asked him, he pointed out that we live together. And our relationship is more about living our lives together and less about keeping each other entertained, and i felt better. i love that he has the ability to point something out and make me feel better so quickly. 

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