Monday, September 27, 2010

house wifery

Ever since I started school again I find myself becoming more and more inclined to do domestic-y type things (how on earth do you spell that?). I've started cooking more, and using recipes, which i think the boyfriend is loving. I've also had this fall urge to finish the little projects around the house that i've had on my list forever. The balcony garden is growing nicely, i'm getting acquainted with the new indoor plants (succulents!), my desk is finally organized, the recipe book is growing. i finally put up a shelf in the bathroom today making that the one room in the apartment that is complete, and i dare say, looks damn nice.

I'm pretty sure that attacking my to-do list has been more about trying to get the house in order before i melt away into graduate school. But this whole cooking thing is throwing me for a bit of a loop. I've never been much of a cook so I'm finding it hard to explain this latest urge to actually follow recipes and make .... real food. The other day i made chicken cordon bleu. Just, what? and it was easy! and it was good! i can't explain it. My mother was not much of a cook. She focused more on the healthiness of the food, rather than the pleasure taken from cooking or eating it. So the succession of tasty dinner plates has been a bit baffling. Today i think i finally put my finger on it though. I think that since i am now a student and not bringing home a paycheck, i've been unconsciously stepping up my game on the housework side of things. You know, to make sure i'm contributing equally (even though i have a nice little scholarship which definitely contributes, although a bit less than usual). Part of me thinks that's so very unprogressive of me. And the other part of me thinks, forget stereotypes, it's kind of cool and i might just embrace it... at least i'll learn how to cook.

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