Tuesday, January 11, 2011


He wakes up very early. Very early.

And so he sleeps early too. Today he made the announcement at 9:30, but I managed to get bedtime conversation with him until 10:30. I don't mind. He's beside me when I fall asleep, even if no matter how dark it is outside when i wake up and hopefully reach my hand to the other side of the bed there's only blankets. 

The thing is, he likes to fall asleep with me beside him and he's been asking for me to join him with such a sad look on his face. I would love to make him happy, but I was not blessed with the ability to roll over and just be asleep like he was. If I go to bed when I'm not tired I will stay awake for hours trying to fall asleep. Alas, he continues to ask. So we compromise. Sometimes I lie there as he falls asleep. Sometimes I do this, and type on my computer while he's off dreaming.

I sure wish he'd be there when I wake up though. At least we have Sundays.

it's snowing outside.

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