Thursday, October 7, 2010


hi! yes, i'm still alive! but not for much longer if grad school has anything to say about it. My program is great but i have not worked this much.... ever. I'm not sure how hard I thought it'd be exactly. I guess I thought that the difficult weeks would come and go like they did in my undergrad. Instead after a week or two of luring us in and making us feel all warm and fuzzy they've gradually begun to bury us under papers and books and presentations and extra presentation this very afternoon that you must attend. So, I'm good but feeling the need to catch my breath. We have a week off coming up- reading week- and I plan to work just as hard through that week so I don't die in the following weeks.

One thing is leading me forward.... Turkey! Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner, woohoo!


  1. OH! yay for Canadian Thanksgiving. (although as a vegetarian I'm mostly in it for the pie. ) In my family we celebrate both Canadian and American thanksgiving

  2. Also Halloween. Cheesey movies and candy!!!