Friday, October 29, 2010

A little self-acknowledgement

Over at Los Angeles Love, she writes "I f*cking rule Friday" and celebrates her accomplishments over the week. This week, that sounds really good to me so let's give er a try.

I f*cking rule this week because.... I am letting my ambition run freely and I'm embracing opportunities as they come. So often, something awesome comes along and I find a bunch of reasons why it wouldn't be possible and just let the idea drift away. I've been satisfying myself with the status quo for so long and not even looking for opportunities to be happy and have what I want. Well no more! I am taking this life for all it's got to offer.

So I f*cking rule because....

I am starting my own business. Yep, I am. It's just a little baby business at the moment but I'm taking the steps towards a child size business, and eventually a full grown business. I am starting a wedding photography business. Because you know what? I take good photos, and I like it. And I know I have more to offer brides than just the generic smiling and jumping photos that get passed around as wedding photography in this town. So yep, slowly but surely I am doing this thing. It would have been so easy to tell myself that it's a stupid idea, or i'm not good enough, or i don't know enough, or it just wouldn't work. But I didn't and that pretty f*cking awesome.

I f*cking rule because I am kicking ass in my Masters degree. Yep, sometimes it kicks my ass too but this week I have been proactive, taking control and gettin 'er done.

I f*cking rule because I am kicking ass with the boyfriend. I have managed this week to eke out more time to just hang around with him and honour our relationship. On Wednesday we spent three hours lying in bed and talking. After last week's madness we really needed that time and space and I'm f*cking proud to say that I was smart enough to realize that, and actually make the time to do it. It was lovely, restful, and just what we needed.

I f*cking rule because I am taking opportunities to grow and be more. I found a job posting for a really awesome part-time job that would bring in some much needed moolah this year while I'm in school until the contract expires in March. And it would be great for my career. The time commitment is a little high, but i'm not letting that stop me. I plan to apply and if I get an interview, I plan to sell them on the fact that they  need to hire me because I will save them money by doing the job more efficiently than someone else, in less time, and I'll do it better! A little ballsy, but I like it.

One last thing, I finally invested in the stock market. I'd had money sitting in an online investing account just waiting for me to put it somewhere, anywhere, for months. I finally figured out how to buy stocks and I pressed the d*mn button!

No more telling myself that I can't, or sabotaging myself by not working hard for what I want. No more playing by the rules. I will not take what I am given, I will go for what I want! I will have my cake and eat it too! I will drink every last drop that this beautiful, wonderful life has to offer!


  1. good for you! i'm also starting my own gig and man, it's intimidating. but you have to give yourself a kick in the ass to make it happen! you go girl

  2. It is intimidating but i think so worth it. Good for you for starting you own thing!