Monday, June 28, 2010

On re-evaluating

The boyfriend and I have finally walked into discussing details of our future wedding. For a while I was very covert about looking at wedding blogs and obsessing over details. Since we're pre-engaged i kinda felt like I shouldn't be thinking about and definitely shouldn't be talking about our wedding. But that's silly. I'm excited. We're both excited about the idea of calling each other husband and wife. So I shared. First just by showing him a few photos, then sharing my excitement over a potential wedding location we happened upon. And finally, we've discussed what we want out of our wedding.

I think that initially when we talked about it, i really scared him. I had been looking at too many blogs with gorgeous photos and these amazing stories and i wanted it all for myself. like all of it. and i missed the point. and he was very quiet when i brought up anything wedding. But after the glossy images all began to look the same and i began to read stories from amazing women who had their priorities straight and recognized that it's supposed to be about the marriage, i re-evaluated and started thinking more realistically, and thoughtfully about what i wanted. I started talking about that kind of wedding and he talked with me.

We're really lucky to want very similar things out of our wedding. After he'd seen a few photos I asked him what he wanted out of a wedding and he described a wedding that sounds absolutely like what i want. a wedding that reflects us and the way we want to live our lives together. i am so excited.

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